Wednesday, June 23, 2010

work place

I know it has been long since I uploaded images on the blog... So here I have my no longer secret work place. I have picked up few (or lots) of canvases that were suppose to be thrown out at work. Decided to use it as park of my "Jane" project. Instead of using cardboard boxes, canvases' wooden frames are used as a box. It took me lots of planning... or at least some time, because it was definitely different than working with cardboard boxes. Where for cardboard boxes, I was able to cut and work my ways from here and there, for wooden frames, I had to make steps because once the wooden frames were nailed together, there was no way of separating them back again.


  1. Ah, the mark of a true artist. A floor riddled with art supplies, and barely any room for a bed! Love it. Lookin' forward to this 'Jane' project.

  2. Thank you for your support Mike! :)