Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jane chasing redsun

Linen is stretched and stapled on the canvas for both top and bottom. For the top part of canvas, I thought it would be interesting to include bird, which does not appear with Jane anymore... Jane, waves of water, redsun (red fish), trees are all drawn with Indian ink and pen, watercolor and pencil crayon. All cut and stitched on the bottom canvas first. Then wooden frames are all nailed together. All pieces of drawings are attached with fish string and additional materials are added... (e.g., shadow of redsun in blue silhouette paper, acrylic paint splash on acetate paper to enclose each sides. A lighting is to be added later on, but the bottom part of waves of water will include some white decorative gravel to hide stitching and to create even out ground.) It takes a while to finish one thing... but it is interesting to experience how I have to really think around to transform the main material source of cardboard boxes to wooden canvas frames. Plus it does create quiet different feeling to it...

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