Friday, May 28, 2010

Secret Garden

Pen and Indian ink with watercolour on Japanese paper. The first box includes the figure and trees with two stripes of Mylar papers at the back. The second box includes acrylics on acetate paper and flowers painted with watercolour on Japanese paper and one Mylar paper strip placed on the centre of the background. The second box is lit with white, blue, green lights. The first and second box is encased with a larger box that has a hole in the circle, creating a moon. Strings outlining the box.

The outside box: 42x45x20cm

The first and second boxes that are encased: 36x36x8cm (each)
2010 April

Hide and Seek

The structure is made with wooden sticks, tapes and brown strings. Three different textured Japanese papers are used, and stitched on wooden sticks. Painting is done with acrylics and Indian ink.
2010 April

Jane Weaving

The figure is done with acrylic on rice paper. The birds are done with brown string on acetate paper. (all hung with fishing strings, that are attached to both top and bottom’s wooden panels) The trees are done with acrylics on canvas. The tree that is placed in front of the bird is done with acrylics on acetate paper. Yellowish dim lights are placed on diagonal of top and bottom’s panel, lighting the centre bird.
2010 March